How Life Coaching Can Help You to Turn Your Life Around

If you face difficult life problems and want to turn your life around, but time passes by, and you’re not going anywhere, life coaching might be the best solution to your problems. There are tons of information available in the market today when it comes to self-help, like books or videos.

People can also look at personal development websites and blogs. Individuals can also talk to their friends, family members, and associates. But moving from the learning phase to the living phase is easier said than done. When it comes to making the shift that is important in turning people’s lives around, a lot of individuals feel like they are stuck in quicksand. Check out this site for more info about personal development.

It is as if every knowledge that has been absorbed just cannot push past an invisible mass of resistance that is blocking their way forward. Some individuals are struggling their way through the time-consuming and challenging task of moving this phase and making significant changes alone, while some simply give up and accept their fate.

Still, some people look for a coach as their way to get the optimum benefit in a more reasonable time, and most importantly, their sanity still intact. If you wonder what makes hiring a coach worthwhile, these techniques mentioned below that coaches use to help people’s lives around will serve as a preview of this profession.

Setting values based on the client’s goals

Individuals who consider hiring coaches like Doreen Ritchie coaching usually have goals in place that they have been working toward or thinking about. But coaching is not just about working our butts off to achieve a dream or goal. It is about setting the right goal that aligns with our life purpose and personal values.

A good and reputable coach knows that working against their client’s value system or working on goals that their clients think they are doing for the right reason is usually disappointing and grueling. As part of the process, individuals expect to discover their personal values, celebrate successes on positive accomplishments that are in line with their inner self, as well as set goals based on their values. As you can see, coaches can help people to close the gap between knowing how to change people’s lives and making it happen.

Asking the necessary questions

Unlike mentors, consultants, or therapists, a life coach doesn’t specialize in giving answers on how to fix people’s lives. Instead, they will help us change our lives by asking essential questions that open our eyes to our lives’ blind spots. We may be thinking that we are already self-aware – that we do not have blind spots.

It is a wrong notion, very wrong. Everyone has a blind spot. Without these blind spots, we would find ourselves moving forward to every dream that we have ever had. Nothing or no one would stand in our way. Life would be an interesting story after another, happiness would be easier to achieve, and we would not be reading this article.

Blind spots that will be uncovered through a good questioning with a reputable coach may include details of our lives, we have managed to hide from everyone, even to ourselves, lies that we do not realize we are telling ourselves, feel that keep people in their comfort zone, as well as beliefs that make people’s lives less manageable.

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As coaches ask questions that do not have easy answers, individuals will tap into the part of their selves that is holding them back. Since the answers come from the client instead of the coach, it may resonate within the client to feel both transforming and natural.

Challenging client’s assumptions

Everyone sees the world around them according to their unique map of it. But a lot of people assume that their plan is the actual reality. For every individual, there is something that feels true, even though it is just an assumption. Life coaches will listen attentively to their clients in order to find out all the unhelpful beliefs they are holding as their reality. These life coaches will challenge their client’s assumptions, opening the door for their clients to release those that keep them from moving in the direction of their goals and dreams.